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Under the bridge...

abandoned cars under the Burrard Street bridge.
Kayak storage area Kayak storage area
Hug ME!!!! Hug ME!!!! Native art starts to become more popular as I get closer to Olympic Village.
Whenever I go anywhere I always seem to find the storage areas for stuff. This is where they stuff the dragon boats under the bridge until they need them.
Chased a moth around for a while with my zoom.
The moth magically turned into a bee creature.
Stop Kid Stop Kid This was near a children's park though I didn't see the child in the picture until way after the fact. I was focusing on the stop signs and trying to figure out if they were art or part of the children's play area or both or what. I liked that I caught the little girl in the pic. :)

Tags: art, bug, flowers, people, pictures, plants

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