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Art Quest taken over by shitty birds

Sat here for a while in front of this leaf shaped fountain thingy after I crossed the bridge because I was tired and wanted to take it all in and figure out which direction to take next.
This glas art thingy was in front of me while I was sitting in front of the leaf fountain.
Decided to walk west along the seawall and discovered this art thingy. It was kinda cool because all the little squares had moving pictures in them but it was impossible to video or photograph well.
Close up where you can almost see the pictures.
This strangely phallic looking art thing seems to be a fave amongst the local cormorants and seagulls.
Note how the one on the far right is laughing at how they shit upon our human art.
I spent a lot of time taking a lot of zoomed in pictures of these guys. I'll spare you all the shots and just let you know that I really enjoyed myself.

Tags: art, birds, ocean, pictures, walkies

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