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Feral Kittens & Mama Marissa

The other day I took a video of three of the cages I go into regularly that have kitties in them that will be there for a while.
They aren't sick, we are just attempting to tame them up and in the case of the kittens grow up until we let them out into the general population.
This is part one of those videos.
There is a kitty in this video who isn't a part of the Mama Marissa family, her name is Dodger and she's probably about six months old.
She was hit by a car and somehow managed to pull through her injuries after a few months in a cage.
She was released the day I took the video. She seemed ok with being out in the single wide at first then decided she wanted to hide behind the big cages where this family lived.
She was playing with Paylan the little orange guy through the mesh at one point.
I think all these kitties will be just fine and quite happy to live in the single wide.
Would also like to point out that though Mama Marissa smacked me she didn't use her claws. She was just warning me to back off because she's scared and protecting herself and her babies. She'll figure out I'm nice and won't eat her eventually. :)
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