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Yesterday I went to work...

I spent lots of time with everyone and didn't feel rushed because I didn't have any work to do.
Lots of moments are in my head and were not photographed as I was too busy having those moments.
Jeremy's bloodwork is good, Rinky doesn't have a tumor it's just a bad wound, Renee's mouth isn't something not fixable, and poor Tinchy in the leukemia trailer died last night.
She had a large tumor on her back leg that was pretty much disabling her and taking all the food she was eating and starving her.
She held out and was mobile with her little leg sticking in the air for quite some time.
She loved playing with feather toy.

I did take far too many pictures of course and I'm spamming you with them. ;P
Don't you dare not click read more and be delighted by my bestest friends.

Lillix Lillix
She had an ear infection that she shared with me except now she has a growth in her ear..... Poor sweet girl, she loves to play and play in water, she also adores to be snuggled and to sit on my lap while I scoop litters.
Riley & Harry Potter Riley & Harry Potter
Riley is the grey kitty in front, his brother Boo adored me and used to sit on my shoulders while I scooped litters. Riley wasn't so interested in me until Boo passed, since then he's been all over me whenever I go in the New Aids section. Harry Potter in the back is a little more shy but once you approach him with something he loves..treats, a brush or just pet him nicely he's yours.
Joey Joey
He's a million years old and has had aids since I've known him. He was looking really rough the other day so I gave him a dry foam bath. His fur looks fluffier but not much cleaner. He loves to play and be cuddled.
Franko Franko
This boy always impresses me with his silly faces. He recently had his last few teeth pulled, that's not stopping him from eating anything though. ;)
Hannah Hannah
She loves to ride shoulders, doesn't like other kitties so much but manages to keep to herself and have fun with humans without too much fussing and fighting.
Buster Buster
He's also named Baby, this is the kitty that I have to cage every Sunday because he bites random people. freaking way freaking way
He's only ever bitten me once and that was a random drive by one day before he got his bad rep. Nowadays he's waiting for me in the cage Sunday morning, just wanting some treats, a clean litter box and a dish full of yum for his day off.
PeeWee PeeWee
This lovely little beachball suffers from a common manx genetic defect where their tails have been bred so small that the colon and other dainty bits are missing. She leaves a trail of yuck behind her. The sanctuary is the only place this girl could ever find a home and she's quite happy there.
Kasey Kasey
Eightball Eightball
Eightball is lovely and very unusual.
Peewee Peewee
Minxy? Minxy?
I need to find out this cats name, I've probably been calling it the wrong thing for years while we've had a close intimate relationship. I'm such a cat slut. ;)
Lizard Lizard
My darling complaining faithful love.
Murray Murray
He's not allowed in the new bathroom but I really had to go and he insisted. He didn't pee anyways so :P
Simone Simone
The kitty I got to name because I saved her life! She just hops up on anyones lap now and demands lovings. There's Marty in the background hoping for some.
Marty Marty
Such a shy baby, ever since he was born in the kitten trailer he's had health issues and danced with death. The last bout left him with his eyes a little messed up. He usually hangs about the outskirts hoping for a little attention.
Candy Candy
We have too many kitties with black kitties being the most common colour. I think this sweetheart is Candy but we've got a few sweet little ones like her in the single.
Asia, Cairo, Sahara.... Asia, Cairo, Sahara....
We had some kittens come in one year and they were all named African places names. The only one I'm sure of the name is a long furred black and white one named Babylon who isn't so friendly. This little lady whom I think is Cairo or Asia is the friendliest of the bunch.
Rio Rio
When Rio and her brothers Tang and Creamsicle were brought into the kitten trailer no one thought these feral babies could be tamed. Her brothers are now active members in the singlewide feed me gang as well as hangers about around the edges of cuddle puddles. She will often come sit on my lap and cuddle or play with my shoes and kneepads while I scoop. She's not so fond of the crowd scene as she gets picked on because she's small and timid.
One last goodbye One last goodbye
Simone never wants the cuddles to end. Everyone else is occupied with treats I've scattered about. Except poor Mandy who is patiently waiting on the other side of the door to the leukemia room.
Mr. Pink Mr. Pink
Doesn't bite so much anymore, though he is tempted to give love bites I try to stop him. He will sit on my lap and face snuzzle with me now and it makes my heart so happy.
Scotty & Bella Scotty & Bella
Scotty has been released from his cage in the old aids area and is assimilating well into the population there. He's a lovely playful and super intelligent boy. Bella is a little miffed at having to share the chair and love but she'll get over it after she's crapped at the bottom of the cat tree a few dozen times.
Bella Bella
If only she didn't have feline leukemia and poor bathroom habits she'd be perfect.

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