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This makes me feel peaceful and happy

By some bizarre wonderful alignment of something, Dustin was out back when I was done work and went to have a smoke, not only did I have treats and my camera but he was into the treats and being loved by me.
I lay on the paving stones with him after I turned the camera off and he let me snuggle him and pet him, he still keeps a safety zone of half an arms length from me but that's understandable considering the crowd I hang with.
The one that gets smacky is Benson and he's the reason why Dustin doesn't sit on my lap anymore, the last time Dustin did months ago he got hit..hard. :(
It's ok though because I got to hang today and get lovings.
Also it's not Benson's fault because his owners kept him in a room with no other kitties or human interaction for ten years, they would just pop a dish of food in and occasionally change the litter.
He's completely mental and lacking in social graces and loves me.
They all loved me today, the best part is Dustin loved me today. <3
Tags: benson, chacha, dustin, emo pickles, friend, gypsy, hope, kara, kitties, love, mandy, mikey, mr.bojangles, sadie, skipper, travis, yoda

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