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Queeny Queeny
Queeny w/Audrey in the background Queeny w/Audrey in the background
Queeny Queeny
Queeny Queeny
Play is the way to charm this kitty. ^^

Queeny is a feral that lives in the back pens.
She hangs around the outskirts of Travis's harem.
Not one of his gang but usually about where the action is.
Normally she runs from people or at least keeps a safe distance.
She loves to play and because every so often I will randomly grab a piece of grass or toy of some sort she has started following me around in the back courtyard when I work back there or take my break.
She's sniffed my finger and allowed me to give her a pat on the head but she did not like it very much.
Once I touched her back as she went by, she didn't hiss but she flinched but it didn't destroy our relationship.
Iunno if I can turn her into a lap cat but I know I can get her to accept affection and like it one day.
She's cool, I think she is Emo's sister because she reminds me a lot of him physically if not in colouration.

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