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When Tony Tones first arrived at the sanctuary he was suffering from an extremely bad skin rash of some sorts.
Neither the med chicks nor the vet could actually pinpoint wtf was going on.
He had ringworm, flea allergies, mange and just about every other skin itchy twitchy thing you could imagine.
He had hardly any fur at all and was obviously very sad, scared and uncomfortable in his cage in the double wide.
His eyes are beautiful and I've never really been able to capture them just the way they are.
It was love at first site for me because I'm a sucker for a suffering anything and I oriented about his cage, giving him treats, rubs and massages w/med gloves, constantly calling him handsome and delighting upon new Tony discoveries.
Like his nose, omfg his nose is just so awesome, I've never seen a kitty with a more handsome nose.
He was allowed out of his cage once his fur started to come back, the skin things fucked off and his three months waiting period (for immunizations and blood tests and stuffs so the gen pop doesn't get sick.)
What a fucking bully Tony was!!
Just a complete dick to the other cats, always picking fights and being uber bully.
He's quite big and barrel chested with lots of muscle.

Then one day another kitty named Billy
kicked his ass and ever since then Tony has been very mellow.
If he hears other kitties fighting his ears go back and he goes in the opposite direction.

When anyone asked the typical question which one would you take home, my answer has always been an instant Tony.
I adore and love all the kitties but there has always been something special about Tony.
He would follow me around faithfully but wasn't a constant demand for attention.
If I was busy attending to other kitties needs, Tony would find somewhere off in the wings to watch and wait.
Preferably high up away from other kitties.
Tony learned to fit in to the sanctuary kitty society got along fairly well with the other kitties, knew the cat ladies schedules and was always waiting for his favourites.
At first I felt I was his only favourite as other people seemed so shocked to see Tony snuggling.
Perhaps I was but Tony loved many and I was dismayed one day when he struggled to get out of my arms to Dan who sucked up to him by giving him brushes.
I'm a little embarrassed about how selfishly I love Tony.
It's understood that him getting snuggle time from other people is goodness because he deserves it and it's a plus in the direction of my socialization skills.

BUT when I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from Lisa, one of our med girls, my heart broke when she started asking questions about Tony.
This lady who I don't know named Christine has been thinking about adopting him for a while.
I knew about this and didn't panic as another volunteer had thought about adopting him last year.
Her name is Erin and her landlord wouldn't let her have a cat.
She cried when she was told this last year.
Apparently she cried yesterday as well.
As did I.
Though the tears were not all sorrow because Tony got adopted yesterday.
This is such a good thing because now he will have a Christmas in a warm home with two people who love him and no other kitties around to piss him off or compete with.
All their snuggles belong to him. xD
It's wicked cool news and I gleefully told Lisa everything I knew about Tony Tones.
As soon as I hung up the floodworks began.
I will never see my friend again.
It's so sad for me but I refuse to be selfish and dwell upon it forever.
It's one of those lame ass bitter sweet things.
I'll try not to poke it too much.
Ima be happy because my friend is warm and has a chance at a home life.
I can honestly say I hope I never see him again.....cept mebbe in pictures.


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