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the nameing of the cats is done for today

Franko Franko
He had this weird cat disease that I can't remember the name of where they can't eat because they have ulcers in their mouths. He was wasting away and one vet recommended we have him put down. Crazy cat ladies force fed him for weeks and he eventually recovered. He's strong, healthy and ever so loving. He knows I'm busy a lot of the time so instead of trying to get in my face and be all demanding he just sits behind or beside me and rubs me with his head until I have the time to pet him.
Chance Chance
He was a stray that was found about a year ago with the worst ringworm condition I've seen on a kitty. His ears are all tatty and he's got a funny nose but I love him to bits. He likes to be petted everywhere but in the small of his back, that might get you a swat. He's not too big on other kitties and if they try to eat at the same time as him he'll try to beat them up.
Georgie Georgie
This kitty has one of the cutest voices ever and he's constantly talking at you. He recently had some dental work done and had to be on cage rest for a week. Today was his first day out and he made a point of following me around and talking to me all day.
Gertie Gertie
Most mischievous cat ever. She's always up to something or into something. One day she ran into one of the shelters where she isn't supposed to go when I opened the gate. She ran around the trailer a bunch of times until I couldn't see her anymore. I looked and looked for her and finally gave up, only to find her sitting at the gate laughing at me. She doesn't lol but you can see she's laughing at you in her eyes. She likes to snuggle too but likes to play waaaaaay more.
Jay Jay
Loves to play, if you are mopping or sweeping he'll chase the mop. If you get down on your hands and knees he'll jump on your back and play with your braids. If you explain to him beforehand that you are only doing it to continue playing with him he'll even let you clip his nails without a fuss.
Jacob Jacob
He was brought to the shelter after being hit by a car. His hip was shattered and there was supposedly little chance of him being able to walk properly again. After lots of medical attention and love he runs, he jumps and walks just fine now. He tries to compete with Travis for my lap at break time but gives in because he's no fool and knows that I'll stick around and let him have some lap time when Travis is done with me.


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