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Kitty kitty kitty oh I love you so much

He's older and wiser than he looks. Couldn't get a shot of his tail but it's only a half tail, I don't think this is a normal manx cat kinda thing but I'm not sure. He's smart and knows that if he yells at me with his cute voice I'll stop what ever I'm doing and give him lovings.
SweetPea SweetPea
Drippy butt baby. Unfortunately for us she has a condition that a lot of manx cats get where they can't control their bladder or bowels. She doesn't seem to care in fact some times I think she takes pride in the fact that she is going to make a big mess of your floors before you are even done cleaning them. The first time I met her I didn't know about her condition and was cuddling her and letting her sit on my lap. That was the first day I got poo all over me at work. I'm sure it won't be the last.
Roly Roly
He used to be shy and scared of me and wouldn't let me touch him. Now when he sees me he comes to me and demands to be petted and loved.
Puff Puff
Puff was brought in with her sister Meowy (who refused to let me get a good picture of her). Her owner is an addict who was going into rehab (we get a lot of kitties that way it seems.) She had the most awful ulcerated mouth and was completely swollen up and looked Puffy. I think that's how she got her name. She can be a little cranky especially with other kitties but I still love her to bits.
Mandy Mandy
Litter box kitty is her nickname because every time you are scooping she likes to stand on the edge of the litter box and rub faces with you and give you luvins. I'm trying to teach her how to sit on my lap while I'm scooping and she's trying to teach me to not get litter on her back when she stands on the side of the box and I'm scooping.
Isaac and Tony Isaac and Tony
Isaac is probably one of our oldest kitties and to look at him he kinda looks like a kitty skeleton. He gets around better than some kitties half his age though and delights in the attention he gets from everyone going ooooh poor Isaac. Tony of course is wonderful, handsome and I can't stop thinking about him when I'm not at work.
Tree Kitty Tree Kitty
I don't know who this kitty is and they weren't willing to tell me. They weren't willing to come down or talk to me at all. Oh well can't charm em all. Besides when there are birds in a tree who can compete?

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