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I finally bought batteries xD

Yaye for keeping old stuff like cameras that don't work so great but work better than nothing.
All things considered the pics I took today turned out pretty good.
Prepare yourselves for a kitty spam. ;P

Birdy & QueenMum Birdy & QueenMum
Both of these kitties came in as feral cats; Birdy on the left still has a major disdain for humans but she'll watch you and follow you around, just don't try to touch her. Queen Mum is the snuggliest, cuddliest kitty and you'd never guess she was a wild cat.
Isabelle Isabelle
One of our older ferals, she doesn't act it at all but all her friends are feral and they gravitate to her. She's almost blind that's why her pupils are so large and she has heart problems which make her shake. She's the sweetest most loving kitty.
Jimmy Jimmy
He was adopted out from the shelter ages ago with another kitty named Finn. His owner brought him and Finn to the shelter to board them while she moved and she never came back to get them. :(( Finn was adopted out pdq because he's very pretty and personable. Apparently Jimmy isn't pretty (not in my opinion I think he's gorgeous.) but he is very personable and is always waiting at the door for me when I show up Monday mornings wanting to be picked up and hugged. Jimmy gives good hug.
Mikki Mikki
She rocks, she follows me around everywhere demanding attention and pets. She's one of the kitties that has the run of the shelter and is allowed to come and go through the doors other cats aren't. Why? I don't know but it's probably because she doesn't cause trouble.
Schnookie Schnookie
When I first met Schnookie I didn't know he was feral and I tried to touch his tail. He jumped on top of the cages, flipped out and spilled a bunch of food on my head in revenge. Now he waits for me and begs me to rub his fuzzy belly. He's got curly furs on his tummy! ^^
Tony Tony
My love, my handsome boy who doesn't like having his picture taken and refuses to look as handsome as he really is when I take a picture. Doesn't matter though because I'm hopelessly devoted to Tony.
Tubby Tubby
Trapped with his feral brothers and sisters he's the only one of five kitties that tamed down. He is sweet and cuddly and wonderful. Some times he will bite you if you don't pet him enough but it doesn't matter because he doesn't have any teeth and you just get gummed. Poor Tubby has a cancerous tumor that keeps growing back on his shoulder. He's had it removed twice since I started working at the shelter. It doesn't seem to bother him though, he jumps, runs and plays with the best of them.

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