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Kitty Kitty Kitty Oh I Love You So Much!

Cleo Cleo
Cleo's heart is twice the size it is supposed to be. We found this out last summer and have been successfully medicating her since. She loves to snuggle and drool but gets freaked out easy and will retreat to hiding in the litter box if she's upset or not feeling well.

I can't remember this lil guy's name but he's one of the kittens of Gig and Maya from last year.

Kitten face = <3
Grumpy ferals Grumpy ferals
All glaring at me. :P Chloe, the whiter calico in the back follows me around while I clean. At a safe non touching distance but she likes to watch me and glare at me.
Deanna and Supervisor Grey Deanna and Supervisor Grey
Deanna was this super freaked out scaredy kitty who wouldn't leave her cage for over a year. She's been out successfully for about half a year. It wasn't people she was scared of so much as other kitties. As soon as she sees me her butt goes in the air because she knows she'll get pets. Supervisor Grey is one of the first ferals that I noted watching me from a safe non petting zone. I've gotten a couple of pets in but some times I take the risk of getting hissed at or clawed. He's an old feral who I don't think will ever totally tame up but I'm coming to the conclusion that cats aren't really tame anyways.

The kitty flood is over, please carry on.

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