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prolly tmi on the cat info/pic/spam

Trouble Trouble
He's no trouble at all, he's a sweetheart. He gets a shot every morning for his diabetes and is oh so good about being there on time to get it, navigating himself through two gates and a door he's technically not supposed to get through.
Murray Murray
Gig Gig
aka lil squirt. Total brat, always into everything, wanting to play and snuggle all at the same time. I call him gig a lig because it amuses me. He came in with a Mama kitty last year and her kittens. Him and Mama were kittens themselves. Pretty wild at first but they've all tamed up nicely. He'll sit on my lap when I'm scooping sometimes and helps keep my left hand busy. That's a very important job at the shelter.
Juggie and Finn Juggie and Finn
Juggie has been at the shelter longer than me and I'm not really sure what his story is. I think he is a tamed feral and I know he is goofy and good. Finn is one of last years kittens that was adopted out with another kitty Jimmy who isn't in the picture. The person who adopted them was only going to board them with us temporarily but then couldn't take them back. I hate it when that happens but that's one of the things that's always in the adoption agreement is that you can always bring the kitty back. The alternatives aren't so good.


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