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Boo!! Boo!!

This is Boo, he is one of the feline aids kitties.
If you've been keeping update with my crapload of videos you will have seen him before playing with his buddies.
He is one of my favourite kitties.
He is cockeyed, squashy eared and only has half a tail but is so full of love he rocks my world.
He loves to play and snuggle and is up for either if you are willing to spare him the time.
When you pet him and give him back scritches his little half tail vibrates so hard it's hilarious.
I tried to get a video of it but it's almost impossible to get a video and give a good back scritch at the same time.
Perhaps I'll have to have someone help me do it one day because it really is hilarious.
Both him and my other buddy Ben love it when I sing to them and substitute the words for songs with Boo and Ben.
Kitties make me happy and Boo is so good at it.
Tags: boo, kitties, love, peectures

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