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more booing & revelation

I just finished watching Sicko.
It made me cry like a baby, seems I do a lot of that.
Perhaps I'm a cry baby? :p
Thing is, even so, even being a whining brat when I'm sick and posting all this bullshit on here at any point I could have dialed 911 and taken a free ambulance ride to the hospital for free attention.
I could have gotten myself to a free clinic for free attention there.
It wasn't needed, this is just a bug that needs to be ridden out but I had that option.

The last time I was in the hospital I was having these horrid chest and tummy and back pains that led me to believe I might be having a heart attack.
I called 911 and in less than half an hour I was on my way to the hospital in a comfy ambulance with two really nice guys talking me down out of my panic.
I felt I waited too long at the hospital but so be it. (foreboding of what is coming in our system? I hear more and more Canadian horror stories. :()
They were nice to me and didn't dump my poor ass in front of some charity mission, they looked after me and gave me a shot to help me sleep.
Turns out I was having a panic attack and have an intestinal problem.
Thank the Gods it was just that.
No bills for the ambulance or shot or attention I received.

I am truly blessed to be living where I live.
The only question I have right now is where can I find me a nice Cuban/French/British person who wants to marry me so I can get an even better system?
As it stands a lot of Canadians are talking about how scared they are that our health care is going the way of the Americans.
This used to scare me, now it terrifies me.

Even though I may be a pathetic loser whiny cunt my country will still look after me.
For now.

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