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Weekend stuffs

got our bikes fixed and went for a super long bike ride.
went for a car ride.
walked around trout lake for the first time since i moved.
watched war of the worlds, land of the dead and batman begins.
twas action packed alien zombie goodness with patrick batemen being batman.
very cool and collected.
i'm currently colouring my roots violet again as they have faded to lilac and i have old lady roots omgwtfbbq!!!????!!!
if i must have old lady hair i'm going to colour it all old lady.
perhaps next time i bleach it i'll do lavendar or summit.
until then i plan to mix some super red in with this violet and see what that happens.
in the near future.
when i'm sane.
or perhaps not, who wants to wait forever?
tomorrow yet again i shall attempt to get up early and learn to function like a normal human being.
i'm happy about my bike and toad's happy so that's cool.
have some pictures because words aren't likeing me tonight.
:) :)
swing swing
swing again swing again
she who waits revisited she who waits revisited
flag iris flag iris

sorry for the blurriness, my hands are super shakey these days. i need to fix the light appeture thingy on my camera but i can't remember how and don't have the attention span to read the instruction manual atm.
aka deal with it kthx.
have a nice week please.
Tags: peectures, pictures, planties, walkies
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