phaedie (phaedie) wrote,

Evidence of deer peeing

We almost went to Rivendell but I chickened out and as luck would have it we saw two young deer because of the cowardice.
Perhaps we were meant to turn back?

"STOP THE CAR!!!!!1111
OMFG BAMBI!!!!!!!!!111111

The below shot of Bambette squatting to pee rocks coz it's like a sasquatch photo. :D

She was seriously streaming up a storm in this one and my hands were shaking a little less with glee.

I think she's telling me to bite her ass in this one.

Though I'm a coward for not going to Rivendell the idea of all those elves and shit really freaked me out.
It's not just large crowds of humans that sceer me it's anything that talks a lot.
Critters rule.
<3 much <3<3 to Bambi and his peeing girlfriend.
Tags: critters, peectures

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