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honkey tonking boot scootying summit or othering

Fred Fred
Fred again Fred again
ebil eyes kitty ebil eyes kitty
Fred & Gourami Fred & Gourami

4 dan 4 dan

4 dan 4 dan

purples the best for moo purples the best for moo
confetti canons ahoy confetti canons ahoy
lovely miss anna and dan the man lovely miss anna and dan the man

I had fun, country music and all.
Was fiddling with my camera settings when I came up with the above.
If the fat cunt that i"m spareing you the image of had of gotten her fat ass out of the way I'd have had way more shit to shove at you.
I'm still kinda grumpy so Ima finish my chocklit cake, stop worrying over what's beyond my control and go visit the land of nod.
Tags: dan, fishies, music, peectures

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