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This is two of Geordle's kitties Smokey.
He used to live outside our house when we lived together.
We couldn't let Smokey in because one of the kitties we already had was very territorial and wanted to beat Smokey up.
When Geo moved out we decided that he should take Smokey.
Smokey is a contented house kitty and so spoiled and loved it's not funny.

He's not looking so impressed with me here, prolly because he hasn't seen me in ages and the first thing I do is shine red lights and flashs in his face.

He's planning his escape here but failed miserably, I picked him up and force snuggled him for a while before I let him go.
He's so soft and wonderful.
I'm so glad he lives with Geordles and is a happy indoor cat now.
Tags: kitties, peectures
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