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It pees when I hurt

My fish keep disappearing.
I had six glass catfish, now I have three.
I had two cory cats and two albino corys, I now appear to only have one cory cat.
I strongly suspect that my upside down catfish are getting too big for the tank and making room by munching out on the other fishies.
It pisses me off and upsets me but what can I do?
If I had money I'd get another tank because I'm an idiot like that but since I'm broke I just yell at them every time someone else disappears and they laugh at me through the glass.

I've got a doctor's appointment at three ten today and I don't want to be awake or go.
I will though...and I'll even try to remember to tell him about my sleep walking incident whilst on the stupid drug he put me on which I stopped taking.

I'm supposed to see Narnia tonight with Geordie and Anna, I'm super excited and thinking a nap as soon as I get home from the doctors will be in order to enable me to be awake for the late late show.

Sofaking tired.
I wish I could go back to bed and snuggle with the kitties and....
Tags: ffs, fishies, movies, sleeping

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