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I am sickened

I've been watching television against my better judgement.
Little bits of everything and taking it all in to see what's going on.
I'd make a terrible tv partner as I have this tendency to start flicking as soon as commercials come on.
Most of the time I get sucked into something else and don't return to the original channel.
One commercial did catch my attention and I watched the entire thing with a morbid fascination that turned my stomach.
The movie Karla about Karla Homolka, super cunt, rapist and murderer.
The fact that she is free somewhere in Canada and quite possibly could have been laying in her bed remote in her hand watching this commercial with that really pretty chick from the seventies show really fucking pisses me off.
According to this article, the commercials were yanked yesterday. Either someone made an oops or they just don't care.
The really burning question on my mind is couldn't we at least kill the bitch first so she doesn't get to see the movie glorifying her shit?I always thought I was against the death penalty, whoda thunk?

Also pissing me off is the commercials for the election.
I am a liberal or at least I was once when I thought it meant something and Trudeau wasn't dead.
Now I'm just disillusioned and not knowing who the fuck to vote for because to be perfectly frank they all suck.

Canadians aren't known for being very patriotic but I have always considered my country to be the best in the world. Yes I admit it I've always been quite smug about where I live.
I have commemorative coins, stamps and other such trivia. When Trudeau died my boss ran out and bought me all the crap the media was pumping out about him.
Though I still believe this is prolly one of the best places in the fucked up world of today, I'm not very fucking happy about the state of affairs.
Nope not one bit.
In fact after sitting in front of the television for a few hours tonight I've come to the conclusion that;

I really fucking hate it here.

I think I need to put the television in the living room so I'll not watch it anymore and get pissed off.
There was a time when I'd watch the news and I'd just cry and cry, now it just infuriates me.
I find myself talking back to the television snarkily or laughing sarcastically at it's shit.
It's ebil I tell you and it must be moved.

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