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i made this

Quite a while ago really.
I used all the left over paint that was in the basement of the big house when Mya and I moved in. It took me about six months as I had already started it when we moved.
It's motherfucking huge so be forewarned.
Children and adults see completely different things in the painting, it's kinda cool.

What stops me from painting here in the tower most days is a lack of a surface to paint on.
Though I'd dance with glee if I took the garbage out one day and discovered a million tins of different colours of different kinds of paint. What rational woman wouldn't?
The walls are tempting but naughty, I can't take them with me and I'd so ruin the carpets in the process. Been there done that, still have the paintings in my stupid head. >:D So mebbe not.
I've never been able to take a half decent pick of it before because it's behind the bathroom door in my bedroom, sortof a mini hallway place.
I climbed in the closet to take the picture, woo go me.
No I'm not asleep, but my house is relatively tidy for my house. :)
I miss watashi_no_desu :*( , her voice post inspired me to move stuff around and tidy my face off today.
Tags: peectures, sleeping, watashi, yaye me

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