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everyone likes stuff...right?

I am constantly battling stupid things like sleeping patterns and fear of laundry rooms.
I had a so so sleep last night and was awake at seven thirty.
Out the door and doing laundry before noon.
Done laundry before noon. woot woot woot , go me , etcetera...
I've recently discovered if I go to my local Mac's store I can make my own coffee mix up the flavours, creamers, syrups and get something for about half the price that I would at Starbucks. Best part being it doesn't make me nauseous like Starfucks.
I have decided to sort and clear up my main computer drive for a format.
In doing so I'm finding all sorts of music and files that were sent to me or that I was working on at some point last year.

This is My Grandma Hardman, my father's mother. She wasn't very nice when I met her but I only met her once and she was super old. My grandpa had a stroke and he was showing me his Disney drawings. I recall her snapping at me and telling me not to bother talking to him as he couldn't talk back. I felt sorry for him.

My Nana King, my Mother's mother and her mother who I guess would be my Great Nana Mann.
Great Nana has a kitty on her lap she must have rocked. I never knew her and only met my Nana four times that I can recall.

My Aunty Violet as a baby (She came out to visit with my parents this fall and she is a hundred years old now or summit.) and my Great Nana again or my Granddad's Mum. I'm not really sure, but I do know they both look horrid.

Nana King, when I knew her she was amazingly fat, old and spoiled me rotten. We had fun together. I guess she was mean to my Mum but that's what grandkids are for I've been told.
I think she's really pretty. When she was in her seventies she came to Canada to visit us and I had her crazy carpeting in the Kananaskis.
She took me to a bed and breakfast in Blackpool when I went to England when I was twelve. She took me to Nottingham Castle and all these funky markets. Her house smelled of moss and old. Sometimes when I open a really old book I get taken back there. She didn't have an indoor water closet. You had to go downstairs through the larder, then the yard, past the greenhouse which smelled of tomotoes and goodness, to the water closet. It was very creepy at night as the path was all cobbled and you got to take a lantern which was cool.
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