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I'm always there with you

"I'm always there with you, In spirit."
I feel surrounded by an orgiastic frenzy of spirits.
In the shower I hear the rain splattering on the skylight,
suddenly its a circle jerk of spirits;
cum and rain drops mixing into one.
glistening ectoplasm churning into the droplets.
I don't mind really, because the rain will wash it all away.
The rain washes everything away given time.

My hair's still wet from the shower and it's curling and dripping down my back.
I've got more peoples shit on my plate that I don't want and less of those that I do.
Picky picky picky.
I'm going to go watch a movie and go back to ignoring the world.
It's been doing a good job of ignoring me so tit for tat and all of that.
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