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Doing my show @ @ five PST. you do the math if you live in another time zone kthx
I've got all these old sound files from when Geordie worked at the chatline. One of his jobs was to screen the calls so as to not allow underage girls or men to try and sneak in on the free women's side.
I'd also like to play some of the lj phone posts that I download and never remember to delete.
I suppose I should have permission for this so it'd be cool if you could say aye if you don't give a rat's ass if I use one I may have saved of yours. most excellent sentence XD
My playlist can be reached by clicking this sentence.
Feel free to request shit during the show or posted in here even if you're not going to listen.
I went to Mac's today and was embarrassed by a ringtone that I recorded during a skype interview last Sunday.
And I'm outa words.
For now. ;)

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