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I had this incredibly fucked up dream the other night and it will not leave my head for the life of me.
Figure if I write it out it might just fuck off and leave me alone.
I dreamed I was cleaning my room and packing my books.
I found a pair of socks that my exe left when he came to visit.
I decided to mail these socks to him with a card to be nice and to rid myself of any remnants of stuff that might upset me.
When they arrived they were wrapped around cat poop which of course upset him and he called the police who then decided to prosecute me for sending dangerous goods via the mail without proper stickers and such.
I swear I didn't dream about putting this in the parcel and was completely innocent.
There was a big trial where I proclaimed my innocence but the jury decided I was guilty and since it was quite obviously a Girly Boy poop from the size he was also deemed guilty.
We were sentenced to this jail which was more like a huge apartment complex/summer camp type situation with about twenty other jail birds.
There were no human guards but each door leading to the outside had a seal which contained this thing that kinda looked like a madball.
I tried to escape and broke the seal on one of the doors.
This madball thing comes flying out and starts chasing me and Girly Boy all around this apartment complex while the other prisoners laughed at us.
We ran out onto this huge balcony where the madball thing started to eviscerate Girly.
There was blood and intestines everywhere and of course I'm freaking out.
I attack this fucking thing and it breaks into two more madballs everytime I hit it.
Poor Girly is dead and I'm crying and freaking out by this point as dozens of these things attack me.
I'm doing my best to fend them off but to no avail, the last thing I recall before I woke up was one of them latching onto my throat and starting to bleed.

So I'm thinking mebbe I'll just toss the socks into my donations box for Big Brothers.
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