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Canada Customs Hates Me

Or at least they are very suspicious of me.
I finally recieved my birthday pressie from watashi_no_desu, it was late because stupid customs decided to open it.
Eeeek a cute calendar and a gorgeous turquoise necklace are so potentially hazardous to the nation.
Thank you so much for thinking of me watashi_no_desu.
I've not been around so much, I think I'm isolating or something.
The doctor has upped my meds again since last Friday and I'm doing the woozy stoned electric shock thing.
Still haven't found a place to move that isn't on hooker row that will accept pets.
Not crying as much but still not so happy.
Been in communication with Moo and she's gorgeous and wonderful of course.
That, the kitties and Anna taking me to get boxes then treating me to sushi yesterday are the positive things in my life right now.
Must focus on them and not the evil lurking thoughts.
Tags: moo, presents, watashi
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