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Sofaking cute -_-

Last night I was having troubles sleeping again. I was laying on my tummy and had my left arm stretched out from my body. Girlyboy snuggled up against my arm and put his little face in the palm of my hand. I fell asleep feeling his beautiful little face in my hand and his breathe on my palm.
He rocks.

He makes me happy, he follows me around, he wakes me up when I've sleeped too long, he makes me get the fuck away from the computer when I've sat here too long and he loves to play like a kitten.
I grow wheat grass on the balcony for him and I picked a really long blade of it earlier today. I was making him run in circles until he flopped down in all his fatness.
I just wish he wasn't dumb and has forgotten his lj password. :P
It's Thanksgiving on Monday and for the first time in nineteen years I'm not cooking a big feed. Normally we would invite over anyone who had no family or was away from family and have a nice get together. This year there is no we and when I spent the last of my available cash at the grocery store today I bought frozen dim sum for my Thanksgiving dinner.
I am vowing not to let the holidays get to me this year because there is no point.
Gonna try real hard to just maintain a steady medium and with Toady in the house it might not be completely impossible.

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