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This Stinks

I mean totally and utterly stinks.
It's making my head hurt it stinks so bad.
I saw a dead little bird on the way to work and it made me sad.
It was so pretty I wanted to pick it up and bury it.
If I had of been going to school and not work where I get no pay for being late I would have and risked fleas and germs.

I dressed up today because I wanted to look nice for you, even if you wont' see me I'll know it's for you and it will make me feel better.
Or summit.

The skies are full of smoke and the sun is this bright red angry orb hanging in the sky.
Reminds me of the cover of Dhalgren a book I read when I was ten that I most certainly shouldn't have been reading at ten.
Full of post apocalyptic sodomy and violence.
Silly Mum for buying me books based on their covers and not bothering to read what the content was.

I guess that means today is post apocalyptic dress up day. :D

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