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Art Quest Is Finally Over

Between Me & Peeing.... Between Me & Peeing.... Hopped on a skytrain to find the closest washroom & realized I had to pass through a shit ton of people to relieve myself. The architecture and art in the old train station that is the main station for all the bus/train/boat services via transit is really cool. All the little squares have pictures in them.
Every Square Has a Picture. Every Square Has a Picture.
I'm the driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd been battling with my camera all day as I'd forgotten to bring an extra memory card so I had to keep going into it and deleting shots that weren't perfect to take more shots.
Around this point just as I was all excited to be driving the skytrain and started taking a video, the battery died, my camera basically gave me the finger and turned itself off. This actually made me laugh out loud as I was wondering when to go home and this seemed like a sign to go.
What is stressing me out big time now is the fact that I can't seem to find the right battery pack for my camera anywhere by looking for local places online. It seems they all sell the camera but not an extra battery pack which would really come in useful. Meh.
Anyways video of me driving the train (not really it's a computer doing it.) and my camera saying enough already. :)

p.s. My apologies for the picture spam of non cuts, it's just kinda the way I roll when it comes to getting this stuff out. I think it was a good idea to date out of order and space it out over a few days.
I'll get to see these while I'm reading my own journal that way too and be reminded of the fun I can have. :)

Birds just kept tracking me....

Doesn't get much more Native Canadian art than this. :)
Right smack in the centre of Olympic village there is this place with picnic tables and little empty shops that could be stores or cafes and these big fucking sparrows.....
Big Fucking Bird Big Fucking Bird
I was told after the fact that these light up at night and change colours and stuff. Sounds cool, I'd like to go see it one day.


Under the bridge...

abandoned cars under the Burrard Street bridge.
Kayak storage area Kayak storage area
Hug ME!!!! Hug ME!!!! Native art starts to become more popular as I get closer to Olympic Village.
Whenever I go anywhere I always seem to find the storage areas for stuff. This is where they stuff the dragon boats under the bridge until they need them.
Chased a moth around for a while with my zoom.
The moth magically turned into a bee creature.
Stop Kid Stop Kid This was near a children's park though I didn't see the child in the picture until way after the fact. I was focusing on the stop signs and trying to figure out if they were art or part of the children's play area or both or what. I liked that I caught the little girl in the pic. :)

blaze of glory

The Burrard Street Bridge

I'll even cut just to stop being an asshole.
Sorry I forget, at least the pictures aren't huge unless you click on them.
Anyways, click the cut if you are even slightly interested in the artistic value of the Burrard Street Bridge & or want to see a video that made me slightly nauseous to take.
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yummy gimme more

Keeping on keeping on down the seawall Art Quest

Technically this isn't manmade art. It's just a bench, I liked the way nature took it over and dressed it up.
One person's art is another's rocks on the beach.
I posted a video of this earlier today. Like how I caught hot chick in action.
This red strip of tiles was all along the wall behind a bunch of benches. The black and red tiles are pictures that the artist was allowed to take of the interiors of the homes around the seawall all in black and red and squashed down. I might not have noticed this was art if I hadn't of been on an art quest.


Art Quest taken over by shitty birds

Sat here for a while in front of this leaf shaped fountain thingy after I crossed the bridge because I was tired and wanted to take it all in and figure out which direction to take next.
This glas art thingy was in front of me while I was sitting in front of the leaf fountain.
Decided to walk west along the seawall and discovered this art thingy. It was kinda cool because all the little squares had moving pictures in them but it was impossible to video or photograph well.
Close up where you can almost see the pictures.
This strangely phallic looking art thing seems to be a fave amongst the local cormorants and seagulls.
Note how the one on the far right is laughing at how they shit upon our human art.
I spent a lot of time taking a lot of zoomed in pictures of these guys. I'll spare you all the shots and just let you know that I really enjoyed myself.


Art Quest continues (most likely forever)

As I was crossing the bridge I was taking in all the scenery and realizing that the whole freaking city is an art project of sorts, from the architecture of the buildings to what's painted on them, growing around them and standing in front of them.
Some examples below that created these bridge thinks.

Looking west out at the city from the bridge.
Looking east, the round thingy is Science World.
Looking west down at the beach I discovered an art thingy to zoom in on. Never did manage to get down to walk around that part of the beaches.
BC Place.