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West End Back Alley Crawl

Anyone who lives in the West End for any extended period of time knows that the best and fastest way to get around is using the back streets as well as the front. Also a good place to score loot if that is your thing.


Aug. 26th, 2011

I got off at Olympic Village, went the wrong way, missed it and wandered across the Cambie Street bridge.
Saw this bench thingy at the skytrain station when I got off.
It's art because it says it is and I'm sure my taxes from one government agency or another helped pay for it.

Bench thingy that is apparently art.
See it says so right here.
It looked better from this side.

Dilemma turned into summit cool 2 do

The beautiful sky told me it was going to be a good day.
After I'd purchased a coffee I liberally doused myself with it and sat down under the skytrain tracks to tidy myself up. These guys made me decide to go on my art quest.
What it looked like from the bench where I sat.
I often see these as I go by on the bus but have never stopped and checked them out before.
The detail is a little overwhelming.
Then I decided to catch the skytrain and let it take me somewhere else in my quest for art.



Dan managed to take some pretty decent shots whilst helicoptering about yesterday.
Technically he prolly shouldn't have been on his first day of work but he knew I'd want some pictures and his phone is all sneaky like. ;)

Cyprus Mountain Cyprus Mountain
Still lots of snow for those of you who ski and such.

Ski lift Ski lift

He's over the north shore, the island with no buildings is Stanley Park and that's downtown Vancouver behind it. I love how small the container ships look on the water.
Boats in the sun Boats in the sun
The lower mainland is a mass of bridges and shipping routes and trucking routes and traffic.

More feral kittens

Silly feral kittens are silly and feral.

The way I feel about kittens is weird, I like them and all but I honestly prefer the relationship one can develop with an older cat who already has a personality developed.
Of course I'm not going to deny the joy I will have trying to keep track of these guys once they are released and watching them develop into whichever cat they are going to be.
Right now they are just goofy because their little bodies and their bodies reaction to pets is love but their stupid little heads are all stuck in feral hiss n spitz mode.
Dorks. ;P

Feral Kittens & Mama Marissa

The other day I took a video of three of the cages I go into regularly that have kitties in them that will be there for a while.
They aren't sick, we are just attempting to tame them up and in the case of the kittens grow up until we let them out into the general population.
This is part one of those videos.
There is a kitty in this video who isn't a part of the Mama Marissa family, her name is Dodger and she's probably about six months old.
She was hit by a car and somehow managed to pull through her injuries after a few months in a cage.
She was released the day I took the video. She seemed ok with being out in the single wide at first then decided she wanted to hide behind the big cages where this family lived.
She was playing with Paylan the little orange guy through the mesh at one point.
I think all these kitties will be just fine and quite happy to live in the single wide.
Would also like to point out that though Mama Marissa smacked me she didn't use her claws. She was just warning me to back off because she's scared and protecting herself and her babies. She'll figure out I'm nice and won't eat her eventually. :)

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

The kids were both braver than I expected and dilly dallied far too long on the bridge I just wanted to cross.
Impressive though as I thought at least one of them would dig their heels in and flip out.


Yesterday morning

This is how I start most of my Thursday mornings in the new aids trailer.

Yesterday I went to work...

I spent lots of time with everyone and didn't feel rushed because I didn't have any work to do.
Lots of moments are in my head and were not photographed as I was too busy having those moments.
Jeremy's bloodwork is good, Rinky doesn't have a tumor it's just a bad wound, Renee's mouth isn't something not fixable, and poor Tinchy in the leukemia trailer died last night.
She had a large tumor on her back leg that was pretty much disabling her and taking all the food she was eating and starving her.
She held out and was mobile with her little leg sticking in the air for quite some time.
She loved playing with feather toy.

I did take far too many pictures of course and I'm spamming you with them. ;P
Don't you dare not click read more and be delighted by my bestest friends.

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Lillix Lillix
She had an ear infection that she shared with me except now she has a growth in her ear..... Poor sweet girl, she loves to play and play in water, she also adores to be snuggled and to sit on my lap while I scoop litters.


We've been having issues with this cat being a bully.
He's trying very hard to be good after getting a good talking to by one of the older cats and much needed support from volunteers who snuggle him and stop him from be's badding.
He's sitting on the washing machine which is snuggle central so he's getting his loving now.
Haven't heard of him being a jerk in a while actually....


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